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Questionnaire: As part of Fletcher Legal’s standard “New Client” packet, each client receives a Questionnaire requesting personal information to assist our team in delivering the very best legal representation available. None of these questions are designed to embarass, seek overly protected and personal information (although very personal information is indeed requested) – the simple fact is this: the more we know about you, the better results we are able to deliver.

The questions contained within this form are designed to give our team a “full and complete” picture of each client. We use this data to custom tailor the results we seek, in order to make sure we deliver the very best results, custom-fit to each individual client and their individual needs.

All submissions and form fields are protected using military grade encryption techniques, and field data is stored on the most secure servers on earth: Google’s very own; the same machines Google uses to operate their very own search platform, as well as house countless terabytes of user Drive data. The simple fact is that use of this web form as a mechanism for delivering the data needed for us to do the very best jobs possible is MUCH more secure being maintained electronically. And although we have never suffered any known data leak using the old method of pen and paper, it’s simply too easy for a single sheet of paper to get lost somewhere in the pile, and in the blink of an eye, a massive amount of top secret user data may become compromised to anyone wishing to obtain it.

Questionnaire takes apx. 45 minutes to complete. Now, once finished, rather than scan a paper copy after form completion, then emailing it to a staff member, users simply review their summary and click “Submit.” We make sure everything is handled from there. Thank you in advance for the level of trust you place in both myself (Attorney Fletcher), my team, and this Law Firm. We ask that you be as honest as possible when completing this document – we NEVER judge our clients, EVER use any personal information against them, and ONLY seek to help the very best way(s) we can.

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